Sun River Oregon Firefighters rescue a deer using their RESCUE ALIVE featured on Good Morning America

Our Motto "STILL ON TOP" is not just a catchy phrase it is what has kept RESCUE ALIVE one of the top sellers in the Surface Ice Rescue market since 1993 as well as keeping the rescuer ON TOP  of thin ice or open water and providing a margin of safety. This allows your rescuer to move toward a victim when other devices are forced to turn back. Boasting 600 lbs. of buoyancy just one of our pontoons out floats the competition... Above is a cut away picture of our pontoon system. and the secret to our ability to" STAY ON TOP"... Expanded Polystyrene Core with High Density Polyethylene Outer shell giving RESCUE ALIVE a foot print of 22 square feet...  



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Can your ice rescue equipment do THIS?

RESCUE ALIVE provides fast, energy saving diver transport to a recovery location without compromising the integrity of the hole.

Animal Rescues are common and present a dangerous challenge to rescuers..Many times pet owners and by standers will attempt a rescue if the department does not respond. RESCUE ALIVE provides a stable work platform for this type of rescue... 

With RESCUE ALIVE rescuers save time and energy by staying on the surface running or paddling instead of crawling or swimming...

When board devices are stopped in their tracks RESCUE ALIVE with it's 22 square feet of pontoon surface and a standing rescuer is able to continue towards the victim. 

With RESCUE ALIVE the rescuer always works from a position of control above the victim in a standing or kneeling position. This is very important when dealing with an unresponsive or panicked victim.. 600 lbs. of flotation  allows the tethered rescuer to focus on the victim and not his own safety.


RESCUE ALIVE  is a stable platform for open water use when towed behind a boat or Jet Ski. A standard size stokes litter fits between the pontoons making it possible to package a victim and prevent further injury while returning to shore and  waiting emergency transport . This makes RESCUE ALIVE a year round asset to your department.  

​​​Boston Animal Rescue League has two RESCUE ALIVE SLEDS and maintains a high level of training. Our thanks to them for providing this great photo of a deer rescue. 

RESCUE ALIVE  can be towed behind winter off road vehicles to transport injured hunters or skiers to plowed roads. Like open water use the sled provides a stable platform using a stokes litter between the pontoons this allows EMT's and Paramedic's to position themselves on the pontoons and provide medical aid during transport.